Always Have a Charge With You
In Any Bug Out or Survival Scenario

Introducing The Renegade Gear Solar Powered Battery

Power Any Device Quickly With This:

  • Works for ANY PHONE – iPhone, Android, Windows, etc – simply use your current charging cable
  • Also has a built in LED flashlight – Light the way wherever you go!
  • Waterproof, Dust proof, Impact proof – This baby is built for the rugged outdoors and is super reliable in a crisis!
  • Super lightweight – clip to your backpack with the INCLUDED spring hook and forget about it!
  • Charge TWO Devices at Once – Charge both your cellphone + another device, like a Bluetooth stereo speaker, GPS, or any small device!
  • It is NOT a case – rather, is is an external battery – so no need to change your current cellphone case.

Your Devices Are Essential In a Crisis! How Are You Going to Charge Them?

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