1Hydro. The Bottle That Will Keep Your Drink Cold Till The Last Drop

Senior Mania is proud to unveil a new member of the 1 family. The 1Hydro Chill Bottle. This vacuum isolated container will keep your beverages cold for hours and then some! Senior Mania friends have the chance to get theirs 75% off while this exclusive promotion lasts!


Powder Coated exterior won’t wear with use. It looks and feels great in your hands


Keep your favorite beverage ice cold with double insulation of stainless steel and neoprene


Never worry about drinking out of glass in pools on boats or on the go. Your bottles will be virtually break proof





The All-Amazing Chill Bottle from 1Hydro

The battle against warm beer has finally been won! Gone are the days of gulping down the warm, last half of your beverage. With Chill by 1Hydro, you can enjoy a crisp beer down to the last drop. A stainless steel powder coated exterior and neoprene interior protects your drink from breaking AND keeps it ice cold! You can take the 1Hydro Chill into the pool and on boats without worrying about broken glass too! Chill has a stainless screw top to seal your bottle and an attached bottle opener. It’s all you need to keep your beer discreet and ‘Chill’.

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